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     Congratulations and welcome to your new family member!


     Today a growing number of us no longer have strong, if any religious beliefs and a christening or baptism in church feels a bit hypocritical, especially if you are only doing it to please older family members. 


A Naming Ceremony provides an alternative.  It is a non religious celebration to introduce this little person to your family and friends. It has no legal status, (that part was taken care of when you registered the birth), and this means that you can hold it anywhere you like - your own or a family home or garden, a village hall, a park, the zoo, the beach - anywhere as long as you have any permissions required.  Most christenings take place when the child is still very young, but you can choose when you would like to hold it - whilst the child is still very young also, on their first birthday, or any other significant date that you would like. 


     Every Naming Ceremony is totally unique to your family, with no set words or format.  That means that I will  discuss all the different elements you could include and create a ceremony that is perfect for your child and your family.  You may like to include some religious element, readings, poems, music, promises from parents, sponsors and the extended family and friends, bubbles, memory boxes, candles and the names you have chosen and why you have chosen them.  The list is long and I will discuss it all with you so that you can choose the elements that you want and make the best decision for your family.


     Traditionally the title of Godparent is associated with a religious christening or baptism, their role was to guide the religious upbringing of a child and to take them into their family in the event that something happened to the parents.  In a Naming Ceremony that title is no longer so appropriate although you may choose to use it if you wish. Possible alternatives may be Mentor, Guide, Sponsor or Supporting Adult, or they could just be the their Aunty or Uncle. You could also use a title of your own.


     Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child or children into your family, and to celebrate the joining of two families following a second marriage.  The support and love from your extended family can be a moving part of your ceremony and demonstrate the completeness of the new family to everyone present.


     To find out more about holding a Naming Ceremony you can contact me by using the contact Sara button below, or by phone on 01209 831430 or  07864 511225, or email at I look forward to hearing from you.


What does it cost?

  • Naming Ceremonies     from £300

What is included?

  • Informal getting to know you chat either socially distanced face to face, by video chat on WhatsApp or Messenger or by phone.
  • Ceremony Questionnaire
  • Contact throughout by phone, email or video chat
  • Preparation, and amendments if needed, of the Ceremony
  • Leading the Ceremony
  • Signing  and presentation of a keepsake certificate
  • Travel up to 50 miles.  Extra mileage will incur additional costs


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